Monday, 14 January 2013

My New Craft Room

We've had a bit of a New Year move around here at Chez Muddle. We have a three bedroom house with the main bedroom (ours) being a loft conversion. Up until this weekend Baby Muddle was up there with us, with Big Muddle in the smallest, but still double-ish size, bedroom. The front bedroom was a craft room/playroom/guest room (sofa bed). What this meant, in practice, was a massive dumping ground which never, ever got around to getting tidied, let alone properly sorted.

We decided that when the time came for Baby Muddle to edge ever so slightly further from us that the girls would share, and spent a while debating which bedroom this would happen in. Eventually we decided that it'd be the larger bedroom, with this doubling as a play space too.

This left the smaller bedroom as craft room with sofa bed. Much better! The big change around was done on New Years Day (what better use of the day when you're thoroughly sleep-deprived?) but obviously the girls' room was sorted first, leaving the craft room until this weekend. Its still not perfect, and I desperately need to find a big focal artwork for the main wall, but at least my craft space is sorted, and I have a clear desk!

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