Saturday, 2 March 2013

Growing Your Own

This is our second full year at this house, and I really want to work some veggies into the borders, and grow more in containers on the patio.

Last year we bought a small polytunnel which was great, but really we got it too late on so I'd like to make the most of that. Today we got some great value pots for the patio from Wilkinsons, and I'll be going back for more of them!

Currently the plan is:

  • Runner beans up canes in the border
  • Dwarf beans up a smaller wigwam, also in the border
  • Peas in a trough planter on the patio with chicken wire support
  • Chatenay carrots in a trough planter
  • Herbs and salad leaves in pots on the patio
  • Strawberries on the patio (got an extra planter for this year, so some of the produce might actually reach the kitchen!)
  • Tomatoes and chillis in the polytunnel
  • Radishes and sunflowers in Big Muddle's patio pots
We also have a space at the back which I want something low-growing in, but not sure what yet. I was thinking maybe squash, but I'm not sure if the soil is rich enough. May try and wing it anyway!

Will be having a look around for more plants suited for pot-growing, perhaps some new potatoes, or spring onions. Oh it is nice to have Spring here!

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