Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Naming Day Preparations

Now we're back from holiday, preparation has started in earnest for Baby Muddle's Naming Day.

We had a humanist naming day for Big Muddle too, when she was about the same age. It was a lovely way to welcome her to the family, without committing her to a particular faith.

This time we're holding it at home, which is great in one way but terrifying in another! Last weekend I was gardening and sewing 15m of bunting and I still have a huge 'to do' list. Caterers have been paid today (they're also hiring us chairs and the all-important tea urn) and the even-more-important wine delivery received, so that's two things down!

I'll finish with the reading I've chosen for the ceremony, written by Anne Campbell:
You are the trip I did not take
You are the pearls I could not buy
You are my blue Italian lake
You are my piece of foreign sky

You are my Honolulu Moon
You are the book I did not write
You are my heart's unuttered tune
You are a candle in my night

You are the flower beneath the snow
In my dark sky a bit of blue
Answering Disappointment's blow
With "I am happy, I have you!"


  1. Such a sweet poem. We had naming ceremonies for both our children and I read my son's poem and was crying before I finished the first sentence.

  2. Aw, fingers crossed I make it through. Must check if my mascara is waterproof!