Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I Need a Personal Gok!

I'm so in the need of a wardrobe overhaul! Its near impossible to get dressed into something 'nice' when it's half dark and you have a baby yelling every time you have the audacity to leave her side to go to your wardrobe!

But also, I find it hard to work out what "my style" is now. I've had so long limited by clothes having to be maternity or nursing-friendly, and my life has changed so much with becoming a Mum, and then deciding on being a SAHM, that I'm just in a bit of a confusion with it all! The shops I used to buy from all seem a little too fashion-forward for me now, but I also don't want to go for stuff that's too old for me, or dull as ditchwater either.

I could do with finding a Gok-style genie in a lamp, that'd be good!

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