Thursday, 4 October 2012

"I am Spidergirl"

This is Big Muddle's new ambition, since she went to a comic book shop on her day out with Daddy Muddle. Admittedly an improvement on wanting to be a Princess when she grows up, but still I am getting a little tired of having to say "Yes, that is a thing" when she declares her ambition to passing strangers, and of watching her run around rooms 'practising'!

This culminated the other day when I found her in the downstairs the top of the ladder-style radiator! After stifling my giggles and telling her why that might not have been the best place to practice her spidey skills, she said "But I was very brave". I had to concede that yes, that was true, and she had done good climbing, but this maybe wasn't the time and the place!

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