Monday, 8 October 2012

Nana Muddle's Big Greek Birthday

Yesterday was my Mum's birthday and I organised a little get together at our house for her. Decided on a Greek menu as it was something a bit different so ploughed Good Food's website for ideas! Ended up with:

Pitta bread with tzatziki and hoummus (both recipes from this book)
Red pepper wrapped halloumi
Greek Salad

Followed by:
Beef Stifado
Prawns with spring onions and garlic (adapted from this recipe)
Lamb traybake
Gigantes Plaki

Then it was on to the decor! Having had a trawl around Pinterest I decided on doilies as place names and lace wrapped jam jars as tealight holders, as I wanted to keep it 'grown up' and leave plenty of table space for the food!

The cake was an easy one. Mum had missed out on a piece of the rainbow cake for Baby Muddle's naming day so that was that, and another Pinterest trawl (addict, moi??) inspired the decoration.

Good time was had by all, and most importantly by Nana Muddle :-)

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