Sunday, 3 February 2013

Big Plunge!

Well today I officially registered as self-employed. I've been thinking about starting to sell my jewellery designs for a good long while, and have a couple of potential outlets, so today all the paperwork (can it be called that now its all online??) went through.

It'll never be a huge money maker, but it will be lovely to have something that is just 'mine', and a little sideline money while my main focus is the children. Given that its something with relatively little set-up cost and nothing really to lose it shouldn't be that scary, but I'm not a person who deals with 'opening myself up' easily (ironic that I'm writing that on a blog, no?) so I am finding it quite frightening!

But the Etsy shop is open for business (here in case you're interested!), I have more materials on the way and my first 'in person' selling event in just a few weeks. Exciting times!

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