Wednesday, 8 August 2012

1 year check....a bit early!

Went to get Baby Muddle weighed today. I've been sporadic at this at best, but she's coming up to being in the next car seat weight category, so I decided to pop down to the clinic. I go to the evening ones they have twice a month as then Daddy Muddle can help as he's calmer under pressure than me!

Nightmare on the way there when Big Muddle tripped in her carboot-sale fake Crocs (yes, I know!) and I didn't stop in time and trod on her fingers! The ensuing minor grazes led to much wailing and need for plasters. And, of course, she made sure she told both Health Visitors in the clinic that she hurt her hand when Mummy trod on her. Awesome.

Anywho, the Health Visitor (apparently undeterred by my child-bashing) asked if she could do our one year review while we were there, so we didn't have to sort an appointment closer to the time she actually is a year old I guess. With a little trepidation I agreed...

But it went really well! She obviously clocked the sling, and thus automatically directed her questions down an 'Attachment Parenting' type route, "are you baby led weaning" "are you cosleeping" etc etc. No judgement at all on the cosleeping, or lack of bedtime routine. Only slight hiccup was when discussing the sling she said "Cos some of them are expensive, aren't they? One woman said hers was about £30..."Erm, yes, is that the door? And then she stayed next to us while I backwrapped Baby Muddle before we left. No pressure or owt!

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