Thursday, 30 August 2012

West Midlands Safari Park

Yesterday Grandad Muddle and I took the girls on a coach tour to West Midlands Safari Park. Despite the weather not being the best we had a fantastic time. 

It did take a while to get there, but all the animals were out and about, ignoring the rain! Once we'd been through the safari (took about 2 hours) we got off the bus we went for food in the restaurant. The range was limited but what was on offer was very nice, obviously a little on the pricey side though.

A grumpy camel demands food from passing cars!
There's also a reptile house, 'twilight zone' with colonies of free-flying bats, aquarium and hippo lakes. The best bit though was the African Village, with the walk-through lemur woods and goat enclosure, which really allowed you to get close the the animals. Baby Muddle was in her element, pointing at anything furry and declaring "Cat!" - her new best word!

There are also quite a few fairground rides, but as these are extra (and there was plenty elsewhere to do!) we managed to steer Big Muddle around them with minimal trouble! The toilet facilities were pretty good, and there were plenty of them, the shops were good but a bit too numerous for my liking! All in all a pretty good day, and it certainly tired my two out!

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