Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Post-Party Tidy Up

Don't you find you seem to spend longer getting the house back to normal after a party than you do actually preparing for it?? We're still upside down and topsy-turvy after Baby Muddle's naming day on Saturday.

Not helped by wanting to catch as much as possible of the Olympic action. Big Muddle's decided she wants to take up gymnastics (or gym-mastics as she calls it). A decision which I believe is almost entirely based on the sparkly outfits. If we do take her to a gymnastics class she's going to be totally underwhelmed by the lack of glitter.

Also, spurred on by my creative successes from the party, I've decided to make Big Muddle a Rapunzel dress. I've never made a dress from scratch before, let alone one that's actually supposed to resemble something that Disney dreamt up, but never mind! I shall keep you updated with my progress.

Oh, and I've suddenly started to worry that its August and my 'it'll be easy to do all homemade Christmas gifts if I spread the making over the year' isn't looking that easy when my total presents made stands at zero.

Its no wonder the house is such a tip really!

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