Wednesday, 6 June 2012

And so we begin...

Finally I've got around to putting virtual pen to paper as it were! I'm beginning this blog as an online diary, to document what my girls and I get up to day to day, as much as an aide to memory as they grow and grow as anything!

I'm a new stay at home Mummy to my two beautiful girls, Big Muddle who is 3 (going on 13!) and Baby Muddle who is 7 months. I'd describe my parenting style as 'natural parenting'. I breastfeed, babywear and follow baby led weaning, but overall we just follow our instincts.

I also try to do crafting as much as possible, mainly sewing but I'm trying crochet at the moment. And we have a half plot allotment that we're trying to tame!

This weekend we had our Jubilee celebrations. Big Muddle had her 'red, white and blue day' at preschool on the Friday, then we had a Jubilee BBQ on the Monday, and I attempted a Union Jack cake, which I'm actually pretty proud of!

Cake is always better when its patriotic! ;-)
Hope all of you out there enjoyed the long weekend, even if the lovely British weather insisted on misbehaving!

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