Thursday, 28 June 2012

NBW - Breastfeeding bookmarks!

This is post four in a series for National Breastfeeding Week. All of the links here are recommendations from my own personal experience and I have no affiliations to any of them :-)

National Childbirth Trust - for great breastfeeding advice ante- and postnatal.

Kellymom - amazing source of breastfeeding info, especially good for advice on drug safety.

Natural Mamas - a fab community forum with a breastfeeding section.

Mama Feels Good - for great quality, non-frumpy nursing tops and dresses.

My Brest Friend Nursing Cushion - I never had one of these first time around and boy, did I wish I had! Amazingly supportive.

Would love to hear of anyone else's breastfeeding weblinks!

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