Monday, 18 June 2012

Camping pack list

How can we need so much stuff for two nights?? And we don't even have to bring our tent because we're sharing. But the list is still unimaginably long...Also I'm not really sure what I ever used to pack for myself pre-mummy days. Now I have minimal packing down to a fine art...although only for me! The girls are a different tale altogether.

Really am looking forward to it though, its my first camping trip with Mr Muddle even, not to mention the girls.

Big Muddle will be super-hyped by Friday. Not only are we going with one of her bestest friends, but she's actually learning about camping this week at school, including a camp-out tomorrow afternoon. So on Friday we'll have two hyped-up three-year-olds running around a campsite. And they're sharing a tent. Chances of getting to bed at a reasonable hour?

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