Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas...all wrapped up!

Yes, that's why I've been awol from the blog for so long! In order to get this finished everything has been terribly neglected, the house is more cobweb than home, the children run feral and the cat has left in search of a full food bowl.

But it is more or less there now. Obviously I can't share with you as yet the contents of the glittery parcels, but I will definitely do a roundup after the big day!

On Saturday me and two friends had our second, and last, co-op crafting day for our hampers. This is positively the BEST way of making Christmas hampers, I would highly recommend it! It's so much more inspiring and motivational than doing it on your own and it's soooo much fun to actually be able to catch up with my mummy friends without the little wonders interrupting every five minutes!

I'll leave you with the words of my ridiculously sensible Big Muddle, when taken to see Santa this Sunday:

"Yes I do like chocolate, but I don't want lots or I will feel poorly"!!

She is far too old for her years sometimes!

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