Friday, 7 December 2012

Random Giving

Today we both gave and received in the Christmas spirit.

This morning we took a bag of food donations to our newly set-up local food bank. I find it incredibly hard to deal with that there are people that are going without basic groceries, and I want to instill into the Little Muddles that it is so important to be aware of, and look after, those who are less fortunate. We spent little over a fiver in Sainsburys and got plenty of store cupboard basics. I'm sure they will be of use to someone. I'm hoping to make the donations a regular monthly, if not fortnightly, thing, as its such a simple thing to do that makes such a difference on your doorstep.

We also received delivery of my Secret Santa present, organised by a forum I'm a member of. I couldn't believe how much care and effort my Santa had gone to. As well as three presents just for me, the girls each got a gift of a handmade crocheted tree decoration and a chocolate Santa lolly. I received a lovely bar of chocolate, a pack of glittery felt sheets, ready and waiting for Christmassy crafting, and a beautiful needlecord handmade roll for crochet hooks. I was overwhelmed by the generosity.

I think 'random' and charitable giving adds so much to the Christmas spirit, I know I've ended the day feeling very festive indeed!

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