Saturday, 22 December 2012

Daddy Muddle's Birthday Bouquet

I'd seen the idea of a 'man bouquet' on pinterest, and thought it looked really fun. I usually get Daddy Muddle a tankard or similar for his birthday because...well he's flipping hard to buy for and his birthday being so close to Christmas its impossible to think of anything particularly original!

Most of the ones I'd seen done though were with whisky miniatures or similar, and given that Daddy Muddle only drinks single malt, well, I was looking for something along a more budget-friendly option! So I decided to go for childhood favourite sweets! Pretending the subject had come up on a forum I frequent I asked him about his favourites a while back and jotted them down. This is the finished item:

As you can see he has a very sweet tooth! I can tell you though, I do NOT want to giftwrap one of those ever again!

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